Jingles Production

Jingles have been around since the advent of commercial radio in the early 1920s. A good jingle can do wonders for business -- it can save a dying brand, introduce a new item to a broader audience and rejuvenate a lackluster product.

The Chromatic Studios team is 100% dedicated to creating a product that you are happy with. From rock to jazz, hip hop to country, classical to salsa, your jingle/soundtrack will help propel you product in a way you didn't realize was possible. Chromatic Studios has created jingles for radio, tv, voice overs, and even award-winning movies.

Take a listen to the wide array of music Chromatic Studios can make for you, then contact us for a free consultation.

Recent Testimonials

"The entire process was smooth and easy. The track Miguel made was exactly what my action shots needed. Great vibe, great sound, I won't go anywhere else for audio tracks." - Keith Sutherlin, videographer

"Miguel was a reference from a good friend and what a great reference he was. Our jingle fit our company perfectly. We had a slew of options and every demo was great. It was really difficult to pick from the choices he made us. Miguel was fantastic! We recommend him to anyone trying to find the best around." - Mary Teller, Swanson Realty

"I wanted a great demo and just didn't have the money to pay an entire band of musicians to record my track. Chromatic Studios took my idea and created exactly what I needed. Hard workers, flexible scheduling, and friendly service. My song sounds radio ready! Amazing!" - Sarah Senson, singer

"A great audio backdrop was the missing link in a project I was involved in. Miguel composed the perfect song for the clients video." - Davonte Cooke, CZ Family Video

"Flexible, creative, and friendly. Miguel truly created a jingle that revitalized our company. Chromatic Studios can make anything happen!" - Ivelisse Ramirez, Skyline Consulting LLC

Jingles Production Samples