Welcome to Chromatic Studios, your complete audio solution.

We are a company that specializes in working alongside clients to both create award winning music that is used for both commercial or personal use, as well as, recording and finalizing the product at a state of the artrecording facility equipped with industry standard recording software/hardware.

From jingles to full blown albums, Chromatic Studios is what you need to boost your products success. Our industry professionals have both written for and performed with some of the leading artists of today, including John Popper, George Clinton (P-Funk), Erika Van Pelt, Andy Montanez, Eddie Palmieri, and Bela Fleck.

Please enjoy our extensive audio clip library that include everything from jingles and background music, to full large scale audio recording and album production.

Also, please make sure to read some of our testimonials from satisfied individuals and companies.

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Recent Testimonials

"The entire process was smooth and easy. The track Miguel made was exactly what my action shots needed. Great vibe, great sound, I won't go anywhere else for audio tracks." - Keith Sutherlin, videographer

"Miguel was a reference from a good friend and what a great reference he was. Our jingle fit our company perfectly. We had a slew of options and every demo was great. It was really difficult to pick from the choices he made us. Miguel was fantastic! We recommend him to anyone trying to find the best around." - Mary Teller, Swanson Realty

"I wanted a great demo and just didn't have the money to pay an entire band of musicians to record my track. Chromatic Studios took my idea and created exactly what I needed. Hard workers, flexible scheduling, and friendly service. My song sounds radio ready! Amazing!" - Sarah Senson, singer

"A great audio backdrop was the missing link in a project I was involved in. Miguel composed the perfect song for the clients video." - Davonte Cooke, CZ Family Video

"Flexible, creative, and friendly. Miguel truly created a jingle that revitalized our company. Chromatic Studios can make anything happen!" - Ivelisse Ramirez, Skyline Consulting LLC

"Recording at Chromatic Studios was a great experience, a very professional and relaxed environment with quality and versitile gear to fit all our needs." - Antique Animals

"Alex Hayward, as an engineer, was sensitive and attentive to all our needs as we tracked and mixed our EP. It was a very easy-going and comfortable experience, never did we feel rushed or imposed upon." - Bill Bosley

"My experience at Chromatic Studio was fantastic from start to finish."

"Exceptional quality, professional, and creative are just a few words I would use to describe Chromatic Studio."

"Alex just got my music from the very beginning and it showed through in the final product. I have heard horror stories about the tracking process. Working with Chromatic Studio was fun and effortless the whole way through tracking my album!"

"Alex took the time and put in the extra effort to capture the exact sound I was looking for in my music!"

"I found the environment at Chromatic Studio to be open and supportive to what I as the songwriter/musician was trying to accomplish. Alex did not give up until the sound I wanted was captured!!"

"I think the final results of my project were better because of working with Chromatic Studio, than if I would have tracked my album somewhere else!"